You know it’s summer in Dubai when

– your glasses steam up the minute you walk outside

– your make-up slides off your face after 2 minutes in the sun

– you need to don oven gloves to touch the steering wheel of your car if it has been parked outside for any length of time

– you feel the need to shower every 2 hours

– you stand at the fridge with the door open, and wonder what it would feel like to curl up inside

– you can wring out your hair (that is if it doesn’t resemble a blow dried poodle)

– the truck tyre ‘burstage’ rate increases substantially, forcing you to weave in and out of tyre pieces on the motorway

– you do not need to heat the water for a bath/shower….the sun does the honours

– walking any distance has every pore of your body screaming out for air


– you feel like a pack mule carrying around with sufficient water supplies for the kids

– your washing is dry in 20 minutes

– opening your car door after it has been parked in an uncovered parking spot feels like you have stumbled upon hell’s location

– movement of any kind is planned around minimising exposure to heat and the quickest routes to the comfort of air conditioning

– the kids’ faces go from ‘pasty’ to ‘pink’ in milliseconds

– and last, but not least, the foot odour from 3 sweaty kids who spend 6 hours a day at sports camp is enough to knock out every camel in the desert……..

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