Boys and their toys – Part 2

Yesterday DH took the kids to the recently opened skate park in Arabian Ranches, down by Al Reem.  Almost mid-July in the desert summer, and it is hot.  It currently reaches around 45 degrees celesius during the day (probably more during the peak time of noon – 3pm).  Add any percentage of humidity to the mix and the climate is pretty unbearably sticky, yukky and feels like 60+ degrees celsius!

When I took the kids to the park, I sat on the bench and watched them earn their scootering and skateboard spurs on the half pipe and other funnily named ramps.  They are novices in both disciplines but, like most their age, they love the thrill of the ride and are hellbent on improving their technique.

However, last night, DH decided it would be a good idea for him to mount a skateboard (something he hasn’t done in approx. 30 years!) and show DS1 how to control it on a slope.  Now……I have known DH for almost 16 years…..and this is the first time I had heard him speak of skateboarding.  A true Englishman, he is au fait with football, rugby, cricket, darts and snooker (in no particular order of preference)…..but skateboarding???????  I just couldn’t see it.

Well, it seems my gut feeling was correct.

Minutes into displaying his rusty boarding skills on a ramp (a piece of equipment which probably didn’t exist in his day), DH described the board as ‘running away from underneath him’….leaving him battling for his balance.  He fell backwards.  2 outstretched arms broke his fall.  Thankfully he didn’t break either of the 2 outstretched arms; he got off lightly, with a sprained wrist……..

Upon his coy return home, he was silent.  It was DS1 who blabbed that Daddy hurt himself……..

I was taken aback.  DH hurt himself?

Let the grilling of DH begin.

He sheepishly admitted he boarded the skateboard to ‘flop’ station and is now sporting an injured wrist……and a very bruised ego!

This got me thinking about DH’s recent activities.  A few weeks ago when we were at the Dubai Kardrome, DH, who was slightly frustrated at DS1’s ‘cornering’ technique, decided to hop in a kart and ‘show him how it’s done’!  As his tracktime wore on, and DH was getting tired…his concentration began to lapse.  In an exhausted, dehydrated stupor, he careered into the barriers at high speed on the second last lap.  Who’d have thunk it that the adult go karts do not have seatbelts???!!!  At the time DH didn’t realise he had gashed his leg against some part of the kart.  When he wriggled out of his jumpsuit, he noticed a gooey, melting 6 inch abrasion on his lower leg……….

As a DW and a Mummy to 3 my 6th sense radar just kicked into overdrive…….DH will be celebrating a milestone birthday this year…Go karting and skateboarding are not activities in which I would expect a man completing his 4th decade on this planet to attempt to display his skill.

I am guessing I should let DH play more golf………

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