Summer vaycay

After Christmas it is difficult to ignore the  march towards the inevitable annual summer desert temperatures. As we turn the corner into the new year, thoughts are reluctantly directed to counting down the days to when being cooped up indoors becomes the norm.  Instead of children’s sad, little faces pressed up against rain pelted windows wondering when it will stop and they can play in the garden, we have confused, flat, little faces wondering why they cannot go outside to play in what looks like glorious sunshine bursting with precious vitamin D…..

And so the relentless question of ‘how many more days until we go to nana’s and grandad’s?’ begins.  I think the munchkins have a pre-planned rota for this question……it is asked on an annoyingly accurately timed loop……of at least 2 minute intervals.

As this time approaches, we sandpit occupiers we tend to focus on what we miss from our own countries.  For example:

– Family and friends
– Fresh, non dusty air
– Long, bright summer evenings
– Home made brown bread
– Lush green parks
– Nights out with best friends
– Mr Whippy 99 ice cream cones
– Walks by the beach
– The kids bonding with cousins and friends’ kids
– Food selection in the grocery stores
– Visits to historical sites
– Rain…..yes, I said the ‘very wet precipitation’ word…..

It always amazes me how quickly summer rolls round.  Before we know it we find ourselves at Abu Dhabi’s departure lounge, wondering if we will be taking the Manchester City decorated plane to the Emerald Isle.

Land.  Greet family and friends.  Enjoy outdoors.  Enjoy the good weather.  Enjoy the ice creams.  Enjoy the beach.  Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy the tap water.  Enjoy the ‘normal’ prices.  Before long I get to thinking about Dubai and what I miss….

– Air Conditioning (AC)
– AC in the car
– People who pump petrol in your car  (I was confused when a driving friend of mine disappeared from the car to pump her own petrol and then walk to the petrol station shop to pay….)
– Have I mentioned AC?
– My helper (although my folks might think they replaced the ‘help’!) cleaning up after the kids (and me!)
– Cooled cooler water that does not cost the same amount as a beer in Dubai
– My 4×4 (with AC)
– 12 lane highways (only because they would have averted DS1’s  travel sickness on the windy, bumpy roads to one of the historical sites referred to above!)
– An outdoor swimming pool within 2 minutes walking distance
– Our own beds
We really have the best of both worlds!

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2 Responses to Summer vaycay

  1. Bernie Keogh says:

    We’ll get you a fan next time!!

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