Medicating children

I would never have thought I would see this day….I know this sounds like I am about to make an ultra important announcement…..not really, but it is an interesting one.

‘Oooh, that was nice’.

DS’ response to me inserting a suppository to work on his 39 degree fever……….??????!!!!!!! (To minimise potential embarrassment I am not going to identify which son),

I prefer suppositories as they work quicker and cannot be vomited up during illness (which has happened soooo often after I have administered calpol or the like, leaving me wondering if another 5 ml would amount to an overdose!).

All I could think about was the ordeal it has been for almost 3 years for both DS and me of ‘shoving one up’ as DH so delicately puts.   Once he became aware of what was happening, he would clench those little cheeks and make his entire body go rigid.  His alternative defence tactic was the octopus manoeuvre where he would kick and flail about so much leaving me helplessly trying to hit a moving bullsye!   It came to a point that DH had to pin his arms and legs down whilst I did the deed……and the look of betrayal on his red, tear stained face was heartbreaking.

I really never thought I would see the day he would enjoy the suppository experience in much the same way most kids slurp the strawberry flavour of calpol!

Yay!  At least from here on out medicine administration will be easier…….

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