A big Ooooopppsss!

I really believe many women would love to be in my position right now! It is true I have a very good life. Living in the land of (almost) eternal sunshine and blue skies, waking up each day is a pleasure. I have a gem of a part time job which let’s me spend time with the munchkins in the afternoons after school. Like many families in Dubai I have live in help which makes my life so much easier when I return home after almost 10 hours of working and ferrying the children around to Dubai to afterschool activities.

Alas it is not for those reasons that today I would be the envy of many……but rather because of DH’s transgression.  Today DH inflicted a serious amount of damage to my car…..yes, you read it right…..DH damaged my car! I wouldn’t be feeling half as smug if he had done it to his own car and would be flicking through the yellow pages looking for a reputable body repair shop or divorce lawyer if I had nearly ripped off a car door on either car….

No….your eyes do not deceive you….DH started his day by mangling the door on the driver side of my car.

He thought the car was in park.  It wasn’t.  It was in reverse.  The driver’s door was open and he was half way out of the car.  Once he took his foot off the brake the car moved very quickly backwards (we shall not go into the excuses and problems with automatic cars which have P and R so close together on the gearbox).  Split second decision making forced DH to try to pull in the door and reach for the brake at the same time.  He got the brake…..but unfortunately Pippy (as the driver’s door on my car is lovingly known!)  hit the garden wall and was forced far beyond her opening limitations, and she was practically ripped her from her sturdy, metal hinges.

The story goes he had been to Starbucks in Motor City across the way from us, to get French baked treats for the kids’ breakfast.  He had the mini service of my car on his mind.  He thought about leaving the car running and dropping off breakfast before heading back out to get to the garage  while it was still early.  But as we ladies know, men are not known for their mulit-tasking ability.  Doing more than one task at a time is a near impossibility.  Thinking about more than one thought at a time can lead to global destruction.

The consequences of this attempt at ‘multi-tasking thinking’ are now sitting in a garage waiting to see if they can be repaired at goodness only knows what cost…..and DH had booked a hire car as cover for the week.

Car repairs and insurance etc is a tricky process in Dubai.  If one has an accident, the police must be called.  After hearing both sides and looking at the cars, the police decide who was ‘in the right’ and who was ‘in the wrong’ (there is actually a lot more to it than that, but this is not the right post for that!).  If you come away with the green form…you have the all clear and just need to submit that to your insurance company.  Even if you hit a pillar in a car park, or as DH just did, your own garden wall, the police should be called so the green form can be issued for insurance purposes.  DH didn’t call the police.  Why?  Not quite sure, but I am sure male pride had something to do with it!

The Nissan dealer refused to help because DH did not have a police report.  So he took the car to our reliable British mechanics, A2B,  who said they will try to fix it.  It could take a while.  The mechanic has been asking colleagues and customers to guess how the damage was caused at AED10 a guess.  The door can close but the front end of the door looks like it was melted by Superman’s laser beams.  At the last count, the mechanic  was AED50 up…….at least I am not the only one profiteering from DH’s embarrassment!

I don’t know if it’s just me or women in general, but damage to a car is just one of those things that happens (especially in Dubai where we drive everywhere and there are so many lunatics on the roads!).  Yes, it’s annoying.  Yes, I get annoyed with myself….but it is not the worst of things that can happen.  Men, on the other hand, react differently; almost as if it were a matter of life and death.  I just thank the Lord  no one walking past our house when that happened this morning……it could have been a lot worse than a crushed door….and I would be visiting DH in a cell right now!

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