I have now seen it all

As a mum of 3, I thought I had seen it all.  Indeed I thought I had bought it all.  I thought there was not a contraption, gadget, or gizmo that would help me raise the most perfect, well adjusted, talented, brainy, well rounded children who would be set to hit the ground running by the time they were potty trained, all the while making me look like a fresh and breezy yummy mummy, which I had not bought.

There was the Quinny buggy (from a comfort perspective it did the trick but for desert babies, it had too much insulation), Bumbo seats (DD managed to slink out of hers on her second insertion…), Dr Brown’s milk bottles (not quite convinced they worked without the added doses of anti colic meds),  Vanchi nappy bag (to die for), Swedish Svan high chairs made from sustainably forested trees (oh they were such a pain to clean!) Lamaze toys (interesting to babies, an eyesore for parents), Baby Einstein DVDs and CDs (recent research shows their effect to be akin to ‘dumbing down’), whistling potties (the sounds freaked the kids out), complete organix range of teething goodies (love ’em but so pricey in Dubai), PCB and BPA free toys (which will soon free your wallet of any paper money!), Sophie the giraffe, names embroidered on beanbags, blankies and towels (they couldn’t read their names…they associated by colour!), sleep buddy solutions ( which never really solved night terrors and restless boo boos), and of course only organic nappy cream for my bubs’ tushies (which was more like mint smelling vaseline at 5 times the price)!

I would like to think my children have turned out OK and are well rounded little human beings (or, depending on your perspective, whirling dervishes) who throw themselves into every new experience life has to offer, no matter how mundane.  However, I do wonder exactly how much of this comes down to acquiring the Mummy ‘must haves’.  Did they notice anything at a time in their lives when their primary responsibilities were to eat, poop and sleep?  Sure, the colours, music and toys provided a modicum of entertainment, and the buggy offered a sweet ride….but what about the rest????  Was the music better than Mummy or Daddy singing lullabies?  Were the toys more fun than playing peekaboo and hide and seek?  Was the buggy better than a hug?

So, imagine my surprise today when I was flicking through Time Out Dubai Kids, and saw an advert which showed that Bugaboo and Andy Warhol (or rather the executors of his legacy) have teamed up together to create the ‘Andy Warhol Bugaboo’.  Just like priceless art, they are  referred to as ‘collections’; the flowers collection; and the cars collection.  A marketing coup for Bugaboo indeed.  The buggies are striking; beautiful in fact. The price tag does not match that of an original but I do wonder why the artwork adorns the outside of the buggy and not also the inside.  The bub can’t see it.  He/She can’t marvel at its beauty and be inspired by Warhol’s brilliance.

Have buggies/strollers become the new Vuitton, Louboutin, Fendi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo?

I look forward to the day when Bugaboo uses the ‘Campbells Soup Tin’ design for their buggies……

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