The wisdom of kids

This afternoon DD began flicking through a photo album I made for DH when he turned 30.  Having collaborated with the in-laws, I managed to obtain a photo for each year of his tender 30 years (I know tender is not a word generally used to describe 30, but when you are staring down a barrel ((that could be a gun or a barrel of beer!) at 40 and asking yourself where the last decade vanished, it is!)).

It is so cute to observe kids looking through photos of when Mummy and Daddy were young(er).  The mere thought that we existed before they came along is almost inconceivable to them.  When I see photos of DH when he was a kid, I recognise him instantly; the kids don’t!

When DD came across the 22nd year photo she announced, ‘he looks very wise’.

A guffaw of laughter burst from my lungs.

‘What did you say?’ I asked for clarification, thinking I may have misheard.

‘He looks very wise.  The round glasses make him look like he knows everything‘ she elaborated.

Now she tells me.  2 months ago I bought very expensive rectangular glasses….

Keen to see Daddy when he was a baby, DS2 forced his way onto the sofa to grab a ‘looksee’.

‘How old was Daddy when he got bald?’ he asked seriously.

Another guffaw of laughter from me.

‘Well, Daddy blames me for that.  Until he met me, he had longish naturally bleached blonde hair’, I replied.

There are many things for which I am happy to take credit; that is not one of them!  I need to teach my kids about genetics!

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