In the past week I have had a strong urge to purge; to purge my kitchen cupboards, my wardrobes, the kids’ wardrobes, even my office desk and bookcases, of all the unnecessary, dated items.  For quite some time DH and my office roomie have been nagging me to do this, however, ever the procrastinator (and a staunch opponent of most forms of housework), I ignored the pleas of the men in my life!

However having returned from our summer holidays, and counting down the days to the start of the school term, my brain seems to have discovered its ‘organisational’ cortex.  Perhaps the many cobwebs which had smothered my organisational cortex were blown away as I walked along the beach back home.  Perhaps the unexpected heatwave melted them.   If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I were behaving as if I were making room for another little one…….

This evening as I plonked myself on a pile of about-to-be donated clothes on the floor of my boys’ bedroom I remembered the real reason I dawdle when it comes to this task…….the memories; the stories that transport me back to the days of when the kids were younger.  Clothes are like photos, especially the favourites.  You look at them and go back in time.

As I pull out various tops and shorts and hold them up against the light I coo,  ‘Ahhhhhhh, Remember when DS2 refused to wear anything but these tracksuit bottoms?’ talking to no one in particular.

Gazing lovingly at the tattiest pair of tracksuit bottoms you have ever seen, it is impossible to think these old things mean anything.  They have patches on the patches and still the knees have worn through leaving the shaggy, fraying edges of a mishapen hole behind the patches.  DS2 wore these trousers (or as he called them…..’snugglies’) almost every day to nursery.  They were his absolute favourite, his comfort clothes.  By his final year at nursery the snugglies were flying half mast; a combination of growth spurts and washing shrinkage.

And then there was DS1’s favourite short/t-shirt combo.  The shorts were actually from a pyjama set.  The t-shirt a gift from Nana.  They didn’t match, but they combined his favourite colour at the time, turqoise (for the shorts) and his favourite instrument, a guitar, on a black t-shirt.  Worn and holey (due to over washing), it feels soft and cuddly.  How can I give this away or throw it out???????  These are like favourite teddies and comfort toys.

Then there’s the twins first Irish rugby tops.  As good as new……a gift to newborns but which they wore until they were 3 (the shirts were 18-24 months).  To dispose of those would be heresy!

As for DD’s faves…….her Snoopy t-shirts.  Faded and mishapen, they now resemble something more like midriff t-shirts.  Not something she is willing or interested in wearing at this stage (thank God!).  But she loved her Snoopy t-shirts.  She wore them to bed, and refused to take them off the next day.  I am sure her record was 3 days straight of sleeping in and wearing the blue and pink Snoopy t-shirts (having had twins first, I learned quickly to choose my battles).  This was not a battle to take on.  She also loved and loves her snugglies and leggings.  She’ll wear holey and food stained clothes.  Her snugglies can be so long the ends double up as socks on her feet.  It can be 45 degrees outside and DD will insist on wearing her fleece lined track suit bottoms; not a princess dress in sight!

As for the purge of my kitchen cupboards……it was just to get rid of the ‘past by the sell by date’ food.

And the office purge…..I really need some filing/storage space!  Why do I avoid it???  I am in denial.  If you could see the amount of paperwork I have accumulated over the past 3.5 years…….I can hear forests crying…..

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