Darling Husbands

A friend of mine at work recently relayed a story to me about her nightmarish morning (which happened before work and not at work as one would expect).  She was in the shower when the water dried up.  Lathered from head to toe in sweet smelling bubbles, she screamed out to her hubby to alert him to the fact that she could not go to work looking like a ‘Fairy Liquid’ advert.

Her hubby dutifully ran/drove/sweated to the nearest shop to get her gallons of drinking water to wash off the soap.

Sure, it was colder than what would have come from the shower…..but at least she got to exit the shower and get on with her day!

This got me thinking about all the things that my DH has done for me, all above and beyond the call of duty.

He lets me lie in for an extra 30 mins on a Friday (first day of our weekend).  He gets up, gets the kids their brekkie and I can snore away to my heart’s content (I don’t really but it is nice to just lie there and do nothing!).

He has no problem stopping off at the shop to purchase my Aunty Flo’s monthly requirements!

He gets the kids ready for school.  Given school starts at 7 45am, and I hate rising in the mornings….this is the equivalent of a 2 carat diamond ring.

He will wash up after a particularly pot/dish instensive cooking session (think Sunday roast dinner for 6).

He will surprise me with half days off and arrive home to help out with the munchkins.

When I was pregnant he would run to the store for anything my heart/stomach desired.

When the twins came along he would set me up for day’s worth of milk for 2 beforeI he went to work……for an overtired-lacking-in-sleep-mum…this was like winning Olympic Gold (even though he was probably more tired than me!).

He has fab taste in jewellery/handbag gifts or should that be hearing (he picks up on the deafening hints I send!)

He lies when he needs to (Do I look good in this?).

He tells the truth when I ask (How much is in our bank account?).

If ever I need a reality check…I do not need to go far.

He will take the kids to the skate park to give me a break on a summer’s evening…sounds lovely???  It’s 39 degrees and horribly sweaty at that time of the evening…….

He will pick up the necessaries on his way home: milk, fruit (and the requested comfort ice cream!).

He is ‘happy’ to de-stink the kids’ post summer camp trainers……the equivalent of wading through a sewage plant in India.

He is happy to de-stink the kids each night in the bath.  Full stop.

He has a heart of gold.  Mushy, I know.  But he has.

And all he wants in return is a dinner on the table when he gets in from work……it’s Thursday, our weekend…..the pantry is running low and the kids have eaten all the sausages and chips…..

Now which take out restaurant does he like?????

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