Summer sleepovers

Over the summer break one of my gorgeous friends was more than happy (some may have said ‘mad’) to have my 3 stay overnight with her bubs…….’gorgeous’ should be replaced with ‘adventurous’.

About 2 years ago when my darling twins were introduced to the concept of a sleepover at school (see, not everything that comes out of school is a good thing!) I have lived in fear of them.  Why?  My main reason?  DS1.  DS1 is a walking ‘sleepover nightmare’.  He didn’t sleep through the night until he was 15 months old.   His nightly terrors had DH and I taking turns to rock him to sleep most nights only to be ripped from a sleep deprived stupor numerous times through the night.  Clearly he started as he intended to continue… this day, he hates going to bed, and rises most mornings at the horribly painful hour of 6am or earlier.  The mere thought of being able to stay up until midnight or later and  get up with the cockerel is his dream; it’s on a par with catching Santa making the December drop!

My second main reason for not entertaining sleepovers is purely selfish on my part.  Quite the opposite to DS1, I love my bed.  I love to sleep (so I have to blame his restlessness on DH’s side of the family!).  One would think that as a mum, especially a mum of twins, I would have gotten used to the tortuous levels of sleep deprivation.  Alas, after all those years of zombie existence, I can see no reason to willingly volunteer precious ‘zzzzzs’ to be left with an overtired, cranky 7 year old the following day.

The thought of having DS1’s friends over/sending DS1 for a slumber party terrifies me.  DS1, the ringleader, will rally his troops and ensure they pull an ‘all nighter’.  He will chat, sing, bang his drums.  He will poke them, challenge them and pour cold water on their heads.  All in the name of sleepover fun.  The last thing I want is a call at 2am asking me to come collect my son!

Hence the reasons for me not accommodating sleepovers; as host or guest.

Back to my brave ‘sleepover-host-friend’.

When  DH and I dropped them off, they tore into the house and didn’t look back.  A ‘goodnight’ kiss?  You must be joking.

DH and I went for a pub dinner at the famous Johnny Foxes.  Dinner was divine.  Company was divine.  A free night was awesome.

I missed the ‘goodnight’ hugs and kisses.

They had an awesome time.  Nodding off time was probably later than the host would have liked, and breakfast time was declared at a time way too uncivil for any person in their right mind!

They are now addicted.  They want sleepovers every week.  They can handle it.  I am still not sure I can!


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