Pyramid Project – Part II, How to Make a Mummy Cry

OMG……DS2, who is not learning about ancient Egypt, has decided his ‘show and tell’ object should be a pyramid.

Thinking he was joking and hoping he was referring to when he would be in year 3, I heard him repeat, ‘Mummy, will you make me some play dough so I can make a pyramid for ‘show and tell’?’

I am sure I felt a tear of frustration trickle down my cheek. I really enjoy helping the kids with their school projects but my frustration lies in the fact that I have an image in my head of what I want to create……and which, sigh, my final product rarely resembles.  As they get older, the chasm between my ideas and reality widens…..It’s a bit like when I see a gorgeous outfit on a picture perfect model.  Taking it off the rack, it  looks fab.  The colour, the cut, everything about it makes me fall in love with it……but the reality of it dressing my shape is a universe away from what I had in mind!

Not wanting to have an emotional meltdown in front of my 6 year old, I swatted the tear away and thrashed around my kitchen pulling out ingredients, measuring cups and wooden spoons.  Clearly my emotional meltdown had turned a corner……the corner of ‘ire’.  Not sure at whom I should direct my anger; the school for setting such examples for younger siblings; or my 6 year old for wanting to be pro active and learn something new, create something, and engage in a productive activity which did not involve something being plugged into a socket in the wall……..

Perhaps I was annoyed at myself.  Perhaps it was because, after numerous attempts to make an ancient Egyptian artifact, I had failed miserably, numerous times.  My efforts really could hardly compete with a kindergartner!

Cue DH to the rescue.  Deceptively wise beyond his premature whiskered years, he spoke sense:

‘Why are you getting your knickers in a twist?  This is his project.  He just needs your help.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like.  No one is judging the creations or their creators.’

An ‘Aha!’ moment.  Perhaps it is not my sense of failure that gets to me afterall.  Perhaps it is, like all mums, my desire to do the best for my kids.  BUT, that doesn’t mean making the best pyramid, the fanciest Easter bonnet or writing the wittiest poem……it just means encouraging them to explore the world and allowing them to find their own path.

Another lesson in parenting noted…..maybe one day I will perfect this ‘parenting’ lark!

PS….DS2 went to school with a pyramid which looked more like an alien’s Cornish pasty than a pyramid…..but he was happy….and that made me happy!

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