More School Projects

3 weeks ago, DS1 and DD rushed through their classroom doors waving a white A4 page in their hands….All excited about their next project on ancient Egypt, they chattered non-stop in the car ride to gymnastics about how cool it would be to ‘mummify an apple’.  That didn’t sound so bad, I thought, as images of swaddling an apple in toilet roll passed through my mind. 

By the time we got home, the excitement had ebbed and the mummification instructions seemed to dissolve into the overflow of other school notices which swamped my fridge door.  I vaguely recalled something about the due date being 2 weeks, and thought nothing further about it.

Fast forward a week – I receive a BBM from a mum of DS1’s friend.  ‘Have you mummified your apple?’  Cue that ‘sinking feeling’.  Feeling the guilt of a negligent mum, I BBM-umbled something back about not having found a spare minute to mummify twin apples…..but would start right away.  After a few pieces of wisdom from helpful mum, I decided to not lose any more time

But it was a 9pm….the kids were deep in the land of nod. Recalling my pyramid project experience and hubby’s wise words, I couldn’t start the science project without the kiddos!  Besides, I didn’t have the necessary ingredients of baking soda or enough salt….let alone the transparent disposable cups which were required to enhance the visual for the kids.

With 7 days to the deadline, we started a project that would take 7 days to complete.  Half way through the ‘experiment’, DD piped up to ask when would we be making the poster or book about the project…..

‘Huh?’ is the polite way of describing my reaction.

Excuse letters to the teachers flitted threw my mind.  The modern expat version of ‘the dog ate my homework’ is ‘the maid threw it out thinking it was trash’.  Who could blame her?  Afterall why would anyone keep a rotting apple in a plastic cup and a plastic cup full of salt and baking soda?

D-day – yikes!  Why does the mummified apple look shrivelled, brown and leathery while the non mummified apple looks like one could still eat it without any major chance of contracting a chronic case of food poisoning?????

A fleeting thought was that the non mummified apple, being from Dubai, was a fan of botox…but when I really think about it, I suspect pesticides and preservatives, options not open to the ancient Egyptians, were at play!

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