It’s November

It must be time for Christmas Carols on loop.

We have just about finished packing up the Hallow’een cobwebs, shrieking witches, flashing pumpkins and glittery skeleton heads, and we are already looking forward to the next celebration.  The fact that DH’s birthday, as well as mine, accompanied Hallow’een week , is irrelevant.  Happy birthday, here’s a card… many days until Santa comes?????


But they have a point.  It’s now only 42 days until Christmas, and although I have yet to receive a Santa list as long as my arms and legs combined, I am reminded every day that the festive season is upon us.

‘Mummy, CD6, no. 4’ orders DD as she fights her way into the car without slamming it on bag straps, ankles, or runaway water beakers!

‘Hello, how are you?’ I respond.

‘Good day at school? , what did you learn?, who did you play with? did you have fun?’


Load CD6, track no. 4.  And as if a magician waves a silver wand,  I become the equivalent of a Nobel Peace Prize Winner….and everyone shall bow to me!  Manners, studious silence, beautiful.

DH has banned Christmas speak (including Christmas carols) until 1st December.  As per tradition the Christmas tree will be put up on the 1st December, so until then, we will not discuss Christmas or sing along to Christmas carols.


I drive 100km a day.  Guess what Mummy and 3 kiddies listen to while away those kms????!!!!

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