Post Christmas Come Down

When it came to relying on the power of Santa’s ever watching eye, this year has proven difficult.  Generally the threat of ‘Santa’s watching’ was effective as early as July.  Suspecting/dreading that this year might be the last year for 8 year old DD and DS1 for believing, we were determined to make a special effort to hold on to the magic and make it last as long as possible.  Lists were excitedly written.  Personal Santa messages were posted from Portable North Pole (AKA PNP) via Mummy’s email.  Cheeks flushed and hearts melted (for at least 2.5 minutes after those messages, the threesome made an effort to stay on the ‘nice’ list). Christmas decorations were sprightly strewn (read: flung) about the house with a view to making our abode resemble a glitzy grotto in the desert.

But still, on a day to day basis…..behaviour at home did not change.  Voices were raised, punches were thrown, cross words were spat across the room.  The ‘threat’ of Santa held no water.  On many an occasion, I saw a fake moment of attention, remorse and sincerity.  Alas, that is all it was..a moment, a fleeting second in a day of so many more.

3 days after Santa’s arrival both sons were at each other’s throats.  Fighting.  Yelling.  Arguing.  Screaming.  Damn you ‘FIFA 14’.   Perhaps it was too many late nights.  Perhaps it was too much fizz (of the 7UP kind).  Perhaps it was too many E numbers……At one point my living room resembled a UFC octagon.  The fact that DD retained all her privileges on the grounds of good behaviour was lost on the boys.

Whatever it was it incited the wrath of DH last night.  Most of their Santa booty was confiscated on the promise it would only be returned when they started to behave and didn’t cause mayhem….they are still waiting!!!  At this rate, it could be next Christmas before they receive their 2013 toys……by then they will have forgotten what they received this year and it will all be new to them!

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