A Good Slide into the New Year

is a literal translation of how German speakers wish each other ‘Happy New Year’!  Having spent a few years in Germany, this greeting always puzzled me.  I often thought it may have something to do with snow.  Many parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be covered in snow at Christmas and new year.  Rather than wishing you a ‘wipe out’ in the snow, a more positive spin is put on the greeting; and is a little more poetic than the obvious ‘Happy New Year’.

Well, the 1st of January 2014 saw me wipe out rather than slide.  Picture it now….a magical ski in, ski out chalet in a snowy winter wonderland nestled deep in the Swiss alps.  Having enjoyed an healthy, filling breakfast of warm waffles and maple syrup, home made muesli and piping hot tea, I donned my flourescent ski clothing and boots to head off for an exhilarating day on the freshly powdered slopes.  Shortly after an al fresco lunch on the hilltop with the sunshine warming the temperatures, I hit an ice patch, lost control – wiping out in spectacular fashion…….

If only the pain and discomfort I feel today came to pass in such an ‘idyllic’ way.  It would just be so much more interesting, and far less embarrassing, a tale to tell.

Alas, a rush to my walk-in shower.  Wet floor in the shower + no non-slip mat = a very sore butt!

Today at work my office mate stared at me with a very confused look on his face as he watched me, with an uber concentrated look on my face, slowly lower myself into my chair as if I were trying to sit on an egg without breaking it.

‘I slipped in the shower last night’ I began to explain.

‘And broke your a@@?’ he finished with a look that empathised with the discomfort I was feeling.

See what I mean about the ski story?????

The thing about falling in the shower is that one’s feet feel like they are being pulled from underneath as if some naughty goblin has laid a lasso trap and one’s heels are yanked upwards.  The derriere part of the body hits the ground first without giving one the opportunity break the fall with one’s hands.  Devious little goblins.

So yes, not the best start to the new year!  Indeed within 19 hours of the dazzling Dubai fireworks’ display, one of my new year’s resolutions had been thrown a curve ball.  My debut marathon training schedule was now in turmoil……with 22 days and counting, my first thoughts were ‘will I be able to complete it?, will I be able to continue training?’

DH, still struggling to suppress his giggles, injected the situation with his sage realism.

‘It is only a fun run.  I am sure it will be OK to walk the 3k if you don’t feel up to running it!  No shame in that!!’

My debut fun run of 3k at the Dubai marathon with the kiddies and DH looks to still be a ‘goer’!

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