Dubai 4x4s

Dubai is the capital of 4×4 cars.  A fan of the smart car, I never thought I would see myself relishing driving a car big enough in which to camp.  Picture a monster truck with wheels slightly less huge.  That’s the preferred ride in Dubai.  Petrol is cheap.  Parking spaces are generally generous.  Cost? – Relatively sane given there is no environmental/road tax to pay.

Driving back from rugby practice today, I got to thinking about my car and what it has to offer me.  My specific criteria for cars have always been:

– Leather interior (makes for easy cleaning of dripping ice cream, snot swiped seats, melting crayons);

– DVD player; and

– Supersonic AC – we need this in the scorching desert temperatures!

However, having recently purchased a new 7 seater 4×4, my first few weeks of test driving it tell me why I really need a giant 4×4.  One look in my spacious boot said it all.  With the back seats folded down there is enough room for each of my 3 kids to have a friend over for a sleepover.  Temperature controlled.  DVD x 2.  Radio.  Better soundproofing than my house in Arabian Ranches.

As attractive as that all sounds (to a bunch of 6-10 year olds!), that’s not what amazes me about big cars.  My fascination touches on the more practical aspects of the monster.

Can I fit 4 bikes + 4 helmets in the boot? (still waiting on the pin for the external bike rack)

I need baseball caps.  How many can I fit in?

I need litres of chilled water. How many can I fit in?

I need cooler boxes filled with water, snacks, ice packs, enough food to feed a squad of hyperactive, eyes-on-the-prize 8 year olds in rugby, football, gymnastics, netball….

Can it transform into a dressing room, allowing kids to change into their required sporting attire?

Can I fit in 3 scooters?

Can I it in 3 scooters on top of the 3 bikes?

What about the picnic blanket, the 4 x foldable chairs and the sunshades?

Can I fit 2 playdates (in addition to my 3) in the car?

These are the real reasons we drive 4x4s in the desert…..

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