What a day…..and we are only half way through the weekend

We have been counting down the days to this weekend for quite some time now. The Dubai Marathon.  The HSBC Dubai Rugby Tournament and, little did we know, a penalty shoot out with Robbie Fowler!

Prompted to get back to running (read jogging/plodding despite rubbish knees) by an inspirational running couple over a few drinks at the Irish Village, I decided to register for the 3km fun run at the Dubai Marathon (clearly because I did not want to scare the 10k/marathon runners with my efficient running style!!).  Not the toughest challenge, but it’s a start.  Hoping to bond over a challenge, I asked DD if she wanted to run with me.  Like most 8 year olds, DD loves to run.  Jeez, what kid walks when they can run???  With the school running club in her future, the answer was a resounding ‘yes’.  Having just made the deadline for registering me and DD, the boys (and that includes DH) moaned that I had left them out……Given DS2 had asked ‘can I ride my bike in the fun run’, I didn’t think it worth signing him up!

However, after many moans I capitulated and registered the boys and ordered engraved medals!

Well, Marathon day’s schedule was thrown a curve ball when Standard Chartered ran a competition on Dubai Eye radio station.  Each day for a week, questions regarding Liverpool Football Club were asked.  Answers were to be sent through by text message.  As a result DH and I (separately) were each given the opportunity to enter one of our offspring for a penalty shoot out.

Date: Marathon day.

Time: 9am.

Judge: Robbie Fowler.  DS1 and DS2 were two of about five kids who managed to clock up any points in the shoot out.  Over 15 kids went home pointless.  3 boys tied on points.  DS2 was one of them.  Next began the nervewrecking, stomach churning play off.  After a few rounds of more penalties, a 9 year old went through.  It came down to the wire between DS2 and another chap.  Wishing calm on my baby he stepped up for the 5th time to strike the ball.  And as they say ‘he shoots, he scores’!!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Out of 22 kids, my baby was one of two to win the competition.  A lifelong Liverpool supporter, DH’s face said it all – disbelief, pride and happiness!!

The prize?  2 flights to England to watch Liverpool and for DS2 to be the team’s mascot!!!  As an Arsenal supporter, DS2 is none too pleased to have to don the full Liverpool strip!!!  However, I think the thought of meeting the players and walking out onto the pitch will sweeten the deal!

Fast forward a few hours and DS1 is charging his way through a myriad of rugby colour!  Yay!!!

Bring IT ON!!!!


You guys are AWESOME.

I am gushing with pride for all 3.  Naturals.  Sheer joy.  Friendship.

Nothing beats that.

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