Winter Olympics in Dubai

Since my trio have been on half term this week they have discovered the wonderful, winterland of Sochi where the 2014 winter Olympics are being held. Not hailing from a country where snow is a regular winter occurrence, as a child I recall being fascinated watching such fast, elegant and energetic sports performed at such a high level.

I also recall focusing on just one or two disciplines like the slalom and the figure skating pairs. This week my 3 have watched practically every discipline: from downhill skiing to alpine relay races; from skeleton to luges; from freestyle skiiers to half pipe boarders.

I think in part they were fascinated by the fact that countries from all around the world were competing against each other. Living in Dubai and having so many friends of a variety of nationalities, (and having very few genetic competitors to choose from) their supporters’ voices were lent to their friends’ countries. DS2 with Swedish friends fared well!

Inspired by what they had watched, by mid-week they were all begging for a trip to Ski Dubai! Keen to get them started with skiing DH took them along this morning to have a play around in the snow park and enquire about ski lessons. As they left the house wrapped up in enough fleece to cover Dubai, they chattered excitedly about flying through the air, executing daring flips and somersaults, slick tricks and winning gold medals!!!  Ahhh…..young innocent dreams!

45 minutes into their snow park adventure and DS2 was complaining about feeling cold and uncomfortable……..not a promising start for my 2026 winter Olympian!!!!

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