A life of discarded uniforms

This made me smile. Being a hoarder I do the same! Am not quite sure why I hang onto the discarded uniforms….if they ever take up the activity in the future, they will all be too small! Hope the yoga socks weren’t too pricey!

Dubai's Desperate Housewife

It started with a ballet outfit when DD was four.

Having done ballet aged three in a pink tutu, DD’s ballet school declared that four-year-old ballerinas must wear white. Out went the pink leotard, the pink tutu, the pink socks and even the pink leather ballet shoes (onto which I’d hand-sewn the elastic straps – spare a moment, please, for my pain). In came a white ensemble made from spun gold and angel breath – well, you would think that, given how much it cost – and, into the dressing-up box went the pink outfit.

From the drawer of discarded uniforms: one dance kit and one leotard From the drawer of discarded uniforms: one dance kit and one leotard

A term later, DD gave up ballet. To be fair, she’s not a natural. Into the uniform drawer went the white outfit.

Then DD took up gymnastics. I think this was the year of the London Olympics. She really enjoyed watching the gymnasts. After about…

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