Turning Back Time

Not too long ago, I was at a party in a friend’s house.  Hosted by my lovely Emirati friend it was a ‘ladies only’ party.  The dress code, as stipulated by the hostess, was ‘short and sexy’.  Reluctantly I donned a short-ish dress, way-too-high heels and applied a more dramatic make up style than I would normally use (read: a thicker layer of mascara and eyeliner)!  Perhaps it was the thought of the all female company which made me feel more daring and yet comfortable at the same time.  Perhaps it was the thought of the beautifully (and perfectly) made up local ladies which made me feel I needed to make more of an effort!   Feeling empowered, I mingled like a demon and began to dance the night away.

That was until a friend turned up.  Happy to do the French ‘mwah, mwah’ I was taken aback when she  announced  ‘you smell like my mom’!

Well, if I didn’t wobble on my ridiculously high heels…….

I was wearing my favourite perfume.  Granted it has been a favourite for almost 20 years….but it has that timeless quality.  Otherwise it would not have lasted.  Granted this friend would have been 10 years old when I started using it……but really? Your Mom??????

Is this how it is going to be?????

Clearly it is.

As I inch towards old age, I am reminded of that fact at every turn!!!!!

One of my favourite girlfriends at work recently looked at me with a bemused look on her face.  Encouraging of and impressed with my weightloss over the past year she has been constantly advising on ‘my new look’.   Her new project began silently.  Vigorously and dramatically poking her finger at her forehead (well she is Moroccan and dramatic arm/hand movements are par for the course for all conversations).  Clearly she was trying to tell me something.  Knowing full well what she was trying to communicate but pretending I didn’t, I played dumb.

Continuing with the hand gestures, she announced for everyone to hear:

‘You need botox here’ as she drilled her index finger into what I like to call the  ‘expression’ lines on my forehead.

Needless to say, after these two incidents I was feeling a tad sensitive about my advancing years.  Indeed I was feeling quite insecure and vulnerable.  How do I peel back the years to match my inner 25 year old??

Dubai is like what Irish folklore identifies as ‘Tir na NOg’.  Translation – ‘The land of the young’.

Dubaians, mainly women, are constantly on the trail of the latest wrinkle decreaser, the elixir of eternal youth.  Botox, Juvederm, Fillers, Vampire Facials, Dermabrasion……all available here (apart from the vampire facial which was banned this week!) in all salons and medical centres across the Emirate.  There is definitely a certain pressure to ‘keep up’.

As a working mum of 3, I don’t have time for what I call ‘nonsense’.  But secretly I would love to try one of these treatments to see how much time it would shave off!

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