It’s not just Mother’s Day

Today marks a day that is special to all of us, a day to celebrate how fantastic our Mums are as well as taking time out to think about what an honour it is to be a mum.  On a daily basis we are privileged to witness effortless and enviable mindfulness in action, pure joy and unconditional love; truly a blessing.

For our household today represents another major event.  Just before today’s kick off between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield, DS2 will walk onto the pitch holding Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard’s hand!  As the team’s mascot, and wearing his new, shiny Reds’ kit, he will set foot onto one of the world’s most sacred football grounds to shake the hand of each Liverpool player.  In the stadium 45,000 excited fans will be cheering on their teams and possibly singing the emotive anthem, ‘You’ll never walk alone’.  Around the world, goodness knows how many more football fans will see my baby lead out a world famous team.  This has to be one of the best prizes ever!

I will always remember the day DS2 won the prize that sent him and Daddy and Liverpool Grandad on the weekend of a lifetime!  DS2 took it all in his 6 year old stride.  In practice, his plan was to aim for the higher points.  Having watched Robbie Fowler, AKA ‘God’ to Liverpool fans, struggle to score any points, DH and I advised DS2 to err on the side of caution and aim for the lower points.

Out of 22 kids participating in a penalty shoot out on Dubai’s marathon day, he was one of two kids to win the top prize.  As an Arsenal supporter, DS2 was pretty nonplussed about the prize of seeing one of England’s oldest and most successful clubs.  He just wanted to win.  Most kids wore either a Liverpool kit of some sort or casual clothes.  Not DS2 who, without apology, stepped up to strike the ball in his Arsenal shorts.  He took his time.  He surveyed the situation.  He studied the ball.  He studied the target.  Robbie Fowler observed his actions with a confused look on his face.  To this day I am not quite sure whether he was focusing on DS2’s Arsenal shorts or amazed at the concentration levels of one so young!  The rest is, as they say, history.  A 6 year old fought off older and bigger competition to make Daddy’s and Grandad’s dreams come true – a VIP tour of Anfield, lunch and the possibility of a ‘meet and greet’ with the players.

Overwhelmed at winning and struggling to understand the level of excitement amongst the adult spectators, DS2 didn’t know what to think and started to cry.  Bear hugs and kisses soon sorted him out.

YesterdayDH informed me of DS2’s  meltdown which occurred in the hotel room.  He wanted to come home.  He wanted Mummy.  My heart broke.  After an excited and unsettled night, he had to rise at 4am (DXB time), fly 7 hours and cab it to the hotel.  Throw in some fizzy drinks treats and junk food, and it is no surprise that this young man was a wreck by the time he reached the hotel.

Thankfully he had a good night’s sleep, and as I type is on his VIP tour of Anfield.  At work I instructed every football fan to dash home, tune in and record!  Excitement levels in our house right now are off the scale and there are still 90 minutes to go….

As an adult I understand the enormity of the occasion.  It is exciting, exhilarating and uplifting.  I visualise this being a milestone in my son’s life, a moment which will inspire him, a day when his talk of being a professional footballer (albeit not for Liverpool apparently) will drive him to be one.  Maybe I watch too many Hollywood movies….as long as he enjoys himself, that is all that matters.



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