An Inspiring Day

A few weeks ago Arsenal supporting DS2 ran onto the hallowed grounds of Liverpool’s Anfield alongside the team’s captain, Steven Gerrard.  Stevie G shepherded DS2 along the line of Spurs’ players as they both shook the hand of each of the opposition.  Once he shook the hand of the final player he had a short kickabout with Stevie G.  What an experience for a 6 year old!

The stuff memories are made of but which I suspect to which DS2 is oblivious.

Almost 6,000km eastwards, I, DD and DS1 watched DS2.  DD snapped photos with my iphone.  DS1 recorded the TV footage on an ipad and I endeavoured to take photos with my new camera (how over optimistic was I given I hadn’t even read the user manual??!!).  Even so, we all gushed with excitement and pride not quite believing that the moment was real.

Before the match I was slightly apprehensive  that DS2 might not actually go onto the pitch.  DH would not be anywhere to be seen, and my normally shy, ‘I-need-to-get-to-know-you-first’ baby had to stay in the tunnel with the Liverpool’s and Spurs’ players all by his lonesome.  I worried he might find the occasion so overwhelming, that the roar of 45,000 fans migh intimidate him, and  the enormity of the occasion would conspire to frighten him into retreat.

Subsequent tunnel cam footage showed me he was nervous.  His apparent ‘disinterested’ look is actually the look of anxiety bordering on sheer terror.  Seeing that visage made me even more proud of my little man.  Not an easy feat for anyone, and he walked onto the sacred Anfield ground with composed aplomb.  Indeed he looked ‘too cool for school’.

A 40 minute drive from Liverpool’s hallowed home and Nana was tuned into her local radio to catch the match commentary.  Sobbing (her description!) with tears she beamed with pride and joy that her grandson was privilged to experience this momentous occasion….and give Grandad the chance to share in the experience.

A 45 minute flight further west of Liverpool, Irish Nana and Grandad (and a legion of Irish fans) were waiting with bated breath to spy DS2 strut his stuff onto Anfield.  Nana, gushing with pride, even told the local parish priest about her grandson’s TV appearance.

‘Nuff said.

Fast forward 3 weeks to our school’s Easter break to Hong Kong.

In Kowloon’s Eastside Bar, surr0unded by South Asian Liverpool supporters priming themselves for the Man City game, I wanted to rush up to them and explain that when they watched the Spurs’ game they witnessed the history of DS2 walking onto the pitch as the Liverpool mascot…(the thought of charging them to have their photo taken with him also crossed my mind!)

A moment in the making for everyone.

Still taking stock. Proud. Stunned. Privileged.  Grateful.



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