A New Start

Not long into my notice period in my previous job I was lucky enough to secure another one.  Not really looking for one as I planned an extended summer break, an interesting opportunity presented itself.  Who would have thought I could find a better deal than the sweet one I had enjoyed for almost 5 years?  Try this on for size.  Working from home, 3 mornings a week…..down from 5 mornings a week in an office tower that offered no parking spot and witnessed me perform a ‘noon melt’ each day as I got into my car.  How good is that?  As I have said, the mere thought of working in my PJs is payment enough (but don’t tell my boss that!).

Day 1 of New Job

I rolled out of bed.  I didn’t change. I skipped into the kitchen to fix my breakfast.  I chatted with the munchkins and wished them well on their day of educational endeavour. Then I proceeded to plonk my rear end by my laptop and began tapping away as I sipped on room temperature, still water.

The comfort level was so high, I actually forgot I was working.  I didn’t want to stop.  It wasn’t really work.  It was research.  Let’s face it…..if you are Googling, you are researching….I was so engrossed, I nearly forgot to collect the kids up from school.

Day 2 of New Job

Dressed in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops I drove to meet one of my colleagues at one of Dubai’s hottest post-school-run cafes, The Lime Tree Cafe. Sipping on peppermint tea and indulging in a home made coconut muffin, I went through my induction. Walking back to my car in the blissfully warm sunshine, I couldn’t quite believe that this is is what working life is like for many. Instead of being cooped up in an overly air conditioned office, with an office manager who was more interested in protecting herself than making sure the office ran smoothly, this was a welcome change.

Day 3 of New Job

As my colleagues were otherwise engaged in the capital, I was asked to attend the opening ceremony of an independent UK school in Dubai.  Not having much more information than the location, the fact that the local TV station would be present, and the fact that Gary Rhodes would be serving up scones and clotted cream……I agreed to ‘take one’ for the team….In the 4+ years in my previous job the most glamourous moment must have been when I was served sparkling water instead of still….

But on that day I mingled with the KHDA (the equivalent of governmental education authorities), members of top UK independent schools, and of course, Gary Rhodes…. celebrity chef (and the creator of this particular school’s lunch menu)!!

I dined on soft, fresh, crustless sarnies of cucumber with a selection of salmon, chicken and egg.  Being honest – Meh. Also on offer – mini quiche, fancy chicken skewers and scotch eggs. La piece de resistance was Gazza’s scones (or ‘scons’ as some would say), with clotted cream, with jam, or just plain ole plain….I felt like I should be at Wimbledon or Lords’ cricket ground in London!

‘Not too shabby’ as one friend put it.

‘Is this your job now?????’ cried a distant friend.

Job??? More of a lifestyle I’d say!!

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