Out of the Mouths of Babes

After a long day wandering through Dublin’s streets, we arrived in a Gastro pub in my home town. With 3 famished kids in tow, the countdown to the arrival of their food order became a game of wills and a test of my nerves.

How long will it be until dinner arrives?’ moaned my first born as he passed the menu to the polite server.

How many minutes until dinner is here?’ yelled DS2 as Heidi, our server, made an almost clean getaway from our table.

Conspiring with every fibre (if I have any left!) of my being, I tried to answer patiently.

Needless to say, the threesome who were by now fixated on the muted TV screen in front of them, forgot their orders.

Xavi of Spain retired from International Football.

‘Xavi is sooooo old’ commented DS1.

‘How old is old?’ I asked.

’34’ announced DS1 with pride stemming from a question that I could not answer.

Without thinking my reaction was ‘Oh to be 34 again!’

Not anticipating the reaction of DD ‘Why would you want to be 34 again?’, I had to think fast.

‘Because that was when I fell pregnant with you two (DD is a twin)’

DS2, who was not listening properly, piped up to ask:

‘What? You were the President????’

I wish.

It transpired DS2 thought I had served as the US President…..cuter than cute

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