The Christmas Wish List – Be Prepared

The first drafts of my kiddos’ 2014 Christmas wish lists looked very straightforward; simple even! Could it be that Santa shopping this year would be easy???? Dare I dream???

My heart beamed with pride when I read DS1 included on his list ‘a hug from Mummy and Daddy’ and ‘a good Christmas dinner’ (although this wish did make me think last year’s dinner was not ‘good’ and perhaps DS1 was hinting at ‘ordering in’ a ready made Christmas dinner!) Not one to be outdone, DS2 topped his list with ‘5 cans of mountain dew’ and a few lines later followed up with ‘chicken’! I have to admit, the fact my boys wished for food did me make me question if I am feeding them enough….Knowing she receives them in abundance, clever DD didn’t waste valuable wishes on food or sentimentality, and instead carefully planned a substantial increase in the size of her soft toy menagerie.

Once I was made privy to the first drafts, I felt quietly confident that I could tick off the list contents in one trip to the mall (history in the making!), so much so I didn’t stress out over the usual pre-Christmas prep, and decided to leave the mall trip to closer to the big day. Sure, there were still 3 weeks to go; I had oodles of time!!

As the days passed, the children added the odd new wish to their respective lists. A Build-a-Bear, a football, tennis balls, pyjamas, snow globe and the like. My confidence was palpable – one trip to the mall and perhaps a few trips back and forth to the car park to store my booty in the car in between purchases.

As we entered the third week of December and not having observed any obvious improvement in ‘Santa Claus-is-watching’ behaviour, ‘more expensive-difficult to procure-you’ve got to be kidding me!’ type requests magically crept on to the by now 5th draft of the lists. I suspect the kids were playing mind games with Mummy and Daddy…..’let’s just see if Santa really exists….If he does, it doesn’t matter how much notice he gets and he will know which gifts you really want….The ‘not-happenin-cos-Mummy-and-Daddy-are-not-made-of-money-or-want-to-look-after-your-pet’ wishes included a puppy, an iPad mini, a full sized Go Kart (approx AED22,000!!!), an overnight extension to a bedroom. The ‘nigh-on-impossible-to-get-in-Dubai’ wishes included shirts, lunch boxes and underwear of a certain football team. At this stage’Doables’ didn’t feature high on anyone’s list…….

My smug football sideline chat with other ‘we’re-not-leaving-anything-to-the-last-minute footy mums’ was the first cringeworthy memory to slap me in the face…..repeatedly!

How do I possibly make up for the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ requests??? At this stage???? 5 days until the Big Man was due to swoop down the fake Dubai chimney and fill my front room with colourfully wrapped gifts? As tempting as it was I couldn’t just ignore the requests and insist that the first draft is the only draft Santa considers….

Cue panicked, rushed, impulse purchases….Talk about last minute! Looking at the rushed purchases on Christmas eve, I still felt the need to send DH out for a few bits and pieces to ‘even things up’!

Lesson learned……request a more definitive list by the end of the first week of December and start shopping then!!!

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