Another Milestone

This time for my first borns!

Today my twiglets (as they were once known when they wrestled each other in utero) set off on their first overnight school adventure. For weeks the excitement of the 2 nights’ stay on an adventure, bonding trip with their year group has been building like popcorn in a hot pot. I am convinced if they had to wait one more single day, they genuinely would have spilled over like an unwatched pot of popped popcorn!

Not even being a fan of sleepovers, the mere thought of my 9 year old ‘babies’ spending two nights away from home in a strange place a good hour’s drive from home, bunking in with kids and teachers they have only known for a matter of weeks practically sent me into a full blown panic attack!

My initial (but not communicated) reaction to their excited little faces that assumed they would be going on this trip with their new buddies, was ‘NO WAY’! Who in their right mind would let their 9 year old (and some in the year group are as young 8!) spend two nights away from home on a trip which in most other schools does not happen for another year????? I was certain DH as well as lots of other Mums would feel the same way.

It would appear there are lots of Mums operating outside of their right minds…..

Expecting a more rational-I-have-considered-everything-that-could-possibly-go-wrong approach from DH, I was confident my ‘NO WAY’ would stand.

And there it was. I had been vetoed. The only ‘NO WAY’ that stood was my ‘NO WAY, I can’t believe you think they should go on this trip’.

‘They are in a new school, with new kids. This is a chance for them to bond with each other, a chance to build friendships, get to see their teachers in a different light. They can show their strengths and build on their weaknesses; learn about teamwork outside of the classroom. You wouldn’t want them to be the only ones left behind, would you?’ he blackmailed argued emotionally.

I knew he was right. What an amazing experience. They weren’t phased by it. Why should I be? The thought of competing in teams through an obstacle course, building rafts, kayaking, rock climbing, swimming and jumping off a boat……all sounds like so much fun, after which I am sure, they will return home a little more independent, self sufficient and proud of what they will have achieved.

My ‘babies’ are growing up and I have to let them spread their wings but I shall miss my goodnight kisses and cuddles and hope they will spare a thought for DH and me when we are taking care of their favourite teddies who were most definitely vetoed from going on the trip!!

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