Mother’s Day Treat

Earlier in the week, I received an email from a London based PR agent with a very tempting offer: a treatment of my choice at a salon in return for a review of the treatment here! With UK/Ireland Mother’s Day celebrations just a few days off, the salon is advertising its offers for the big day as well as offers for the month of Mums, as March has become known in the UAE (March also sees the UAE celebrating US and UAE Mother’s days – so it’s a busy month!).

To many, I appreciate this offer doesn’t necessarily constitute ‘tempting’: afterall weekly visits to salons are par for the course for many ladies in Dubai. To some ‘tempting’ may mean having the use of a Maserati for the day; to others it may have been a night in the Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab. However, to me, a mum of three a quick salon treat is like an oasis in the monotonous desert of school runs, packed lunches, afterschool activities and the battle of wills that is homework. I didn’t need to be asked twice!

As I emailed back and forth to arrange my salon date, the agent suggested I use my ‘SM’ to hightlight the salon’s offers prior to the first of the Mother’s Day celebrations (UK). Wondering what my DH’s initials had to do with my blog or my future mani/pedi, it took me a few minutes to realise that ‘SM’ was industry speak for ‘Social Media’!! I am not quite sure which thought horrified me more: the fact that it is assumed that everyone who has a blog also uses Twitter, Facebook and the like; or the fact that I was now expected to navigate my way around these foreign tools in a very short space of time and ‘@’ or ‘#’ something before my treatment!

Slightly panicked I logged on to my Facebook account to see how to tag the offers and just as I was about to, I recalled someone telling me that advertising on FB is not permitted…….blast! Thankfully however, I remembered UAE Dirham Stretcher’s FB page (a page dedicated to sharing information about bargains, deals, offers etc. in the UAE). Result!

The mere thought of learning how to use Twitter resulted in a burning dread that rose like acid reflux, so I had decided to tackle that monster the following day. That was until my inbox pinged with more details of my treat…..a full body massage…….well if I didn’t Google how to tweet right then and there! Here’s hoping my virgin tweet doesn’t make me look like a twit!

Looking forward to my treat tomorrow and shall report back!

NOTE: This is a sponsored post.

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