Heavenly Hour

What better way to kick start the weekend than with a full body massage???!!! With the Munchkins dropped off at school, I headed to Lily Pond Spa in Al Barsha Mall to experience what I look forward to becoming a regular treat!

Like most Mums, I try to squish as much as possible into my schedule, so my massage experiences usually take the form of a ‘head, neck and shoulder’ massage in a seated position on the irregular occasions I get round to having a mani/pedi. As nice as that is, having a mini massage under the glare of salon lights whilst in the company of other ladies having various other treatments, it is not quite the relaxing experience it should be. So yesterday, when I was ushered into a quiet, dimly lit room I instantly felt my body relax, and my brain decided, of its own accord, to press the mute button on its chatterbox.

What followed was an hour of what I can only describe as sheer bliss! As the masseuse worked her way from the tips of my feet to the top of my head, my body felt like it gradually melted into the massage table. I felt so relaxed I could have slept. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I have never quite fully enjoyed the massages I have had in the past. They have either been too superficial (a bit like the head, neck and shoulder massages) or too harsh (to the point I am desperate for it to be over and done with as my requests to reduce the pressure go ignored). Lily Pond Spa’s massage, however hit the spot striking a near perfect balance between the two. At times I felt I was receiving what could be compared to a sports massage; the intense kneading of muscles, the careful manipulation of joints and persistent attempt to relieve me of any shoulder stress knots, but this was offset by the soothing back rub like massage. If, like me, you are ‘ticklish’ (the mere thought of someone touching my feet or hands makes me jump as high as the ceiling) you need not be concerned. The level of pressure applied to my ticklish points was just right to avoid ‘Tigger-esque’ bouncing!

Desperate to freeze frame this zen like feeling for as long as possible, I requested a mani/pedi (not part of the offer). These treatments were equally relaxing. Carried out with care and attention by the polite technicians, my nails looked fab. Leaving the salon to resume my hectic Thursday, I felt like a new woman, ready to take on my weekend netball courtside, football pitchside, rugby pitchside duties in style! Thank you Lily Pond Spa – you have succeeded in making my thus far ‘go to’ salon a distant memory!

Lily Pond Spa has a number of locations in Dubai. Check out their website at http://www.lilypondspa.com

Mother’s Day offers – Free Blow Dry for mothers when they spend AED300+
Spend AED200 on a gift basket and receive a free gift for your mother

March offers – Book three or more treatments and receive 15% off total price.

NOTE: This is a sponsored post.

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