Ramadan Timings

Just over a week ago the Muslim world welcomed the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from drinking or eating during daylight hours until sunset when they break their fast. To accommodate those fasting, (and to encourage those not fasting to reflect on the meaning of Ramadan), work and school life timings are adjusted. Working hours for those fasting are reduced to 6 hours per day while school days start later and finish earlier.

At school my munchkins learn about the importance of Ramadan within the Muslim faith. They learn about respecting those who fast, how to conduct themselves in the company of those who fast, and how they should behave in public during the holy month. They know that many restaurants and cafes are closed or serve takeaway options behind cloaked windows. Other than that, they know life goes on as normal.

And life does go on as normal. On the second day of Ramadan DD lost a tooth! Even though it has been a long time since the Tooth Fairy has paid us a visit, DD hadn’t forgotten the ‘drill’. Holding the tooth as if it were fine bone china, she carefully wrapped it in tissue paper, labelled it ‘TOOTH’ in thick permanent marker, and placed it under her pillow.

As I mentioned, the Tooth Fairy has had no reason to pop by for quite some time, and even though DD hadn’t forgotten what to do, it appeared the Tooth Fairy’s rep, i.e., me…..had forgotten…..well not so much as forgotten what I was supposed to do…..just forgot to do it! #parentfail. #andnotforthefirsttime.

The next morning DD told DH that the Tooth Fairy didn’t come. DH, not yet having had the chance to speak to me, assured her she must be mistaken and the money must be caught up in the menagerie of cuddly toys and pillows on her bed.

‘But my tooth is still there’ she insisted with as much passion as if she were pleading her case before a jury.

Noticing me lurking in the background, I furiously tried to communicate to DH via exaggerated hand gesturing and mouthing that I had forgotten to perform my fairy duties. We had already exhausted the usual excuses of ‘oh, the Tooth Fairy must not have been able to find the tooth’ or ‘oh the Tooth Fairy must not have been able to find the house’.

Thinking quickly on his feet DH said as casually as if he were talking about the weather ‘Oh, you know what? The Tooth Fairy is working Ramadan timings….she will probably come by tonight’!

Not usually one to be put off the scent easily, even DD seemed stumped; genuinely pausing to consider the possibility of this excuse as she wandered out of the kitchen.

‘Mummy……Daddy said the Tooth Fairy didn’t come because she is working Ramadan hours’ yelled DD looking for my reaction.

Pleasantly surprised at DH’s ingenious reason for the Tooth Fairy’s absenteeism and trying not to giggle, I supported his theory.

‘But Mummy, our Fairy is Irish and she doesn’t fast’.

DD wouldn’t be DD if she didn’t have the last word!

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