Milestone No.#havelostcount

I knew this day would come; just like I knew the day would come when my boys would make it their mission to relentlessly tease their sister, and just like I knew the day would come when sharing a bathroom with two young boys would make me check how well they have been aiming before I sit!

Thankfully the day of keeping secrets from Mummy has not yet come for my brood (well at least not for two out of three of them!). A few nights’ ago, it would seem, instead of pouring over their bedtime reading, a top secret conversation about ‘crushes’ topped the bedtime agenda…..amongst awkward, embarrassed giggles, each of my babies listed their top ‘three’ favourite girls and boys.

Clearly not undercover agents in the making, DD and DS2 didn’t make it to dinnertime the next day before spilling the beans, and not of course about their own faves!

DS2 started: ‘Mummy, don’t tell DS1 that we told you, but last night when you thought we were asleep, DS1 told us that he likes Molly (real names have been changed to spare the parties’ blushes!).’

Already feeling slightly emotional that my babies are teetering on this grown up phase of life where they are beginning to notice the opposite sex, I think I felt a tinge of disappointment at DS1’s choice, and without thinking replied:

‘Really????’ in an unintentionally squeaky, surprised voice!

I do not intend to be unkind. Molly is a lovely girl; diligent, friendly, helpful, kind and is exactly the kind of girl you would love to see your son go out with, and a testament to DS1’s good judgment of character if nothing else! But in terms of physical appearance she was the complete opposite of me!!!! A slight girl with the deceptive strength and litheness of a dancer. Keratin straight, long, blonde hair; not an unruly curl in sight.

I recall reading about scientific research that showed one’s children are generally attracted to features similar to those of their parents. Mental note: get DS1’s eyes checked!

‘But,’ continued DS2 divulging more confidential information, ‘DS1’s #1 is Maddie.’

Desperately trying not to get ahead of myself I blurted out ‘Is Maddie about as tall as DS1, with dark, curly hair and freckles?’

DD and DS2 chimed ‘Yeah’.

You can always rely on Science!

Wondering if DD would offer up anymore information, I chanced my luck.

‘So, who is on your list of favourites?’

‘Archie’, she replied as directly and casually as if she were answering her times tables.

My diligent, hardworking, sport and school loving DD likes the bad boys…..good to have a few years’ advanced warning!

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