First World Problems

Live in housekeeping help is an affordable luxury in Dubai. Walking into a tidy, clean, organised house after work or the school run, where dinner has been prepped, laundry washed and ironed is definitely a perk of living in an expat country, and something one can become accustomed to quite quickly! Unfortunately, being an employer is not always an easy role, especially when your employee is living under your roof. Indeed many of us ‘Madams’ decide the hassles outweigh the benefits, and enter the first world problem condition of being ‘maidless’ (‘FWPML’)! Like anything in life you only miss things when they are gone and the early phases of FWPML make one wonder how one ever coped without help! However, as time passes, the condition reveals some pleasantly surprising benefits:

– Doing laundry can reap financial rewards. Checking hubby’s pockets before putting his clothes in the washing machine can be quite a profitable household chore (no need for him to know this!);

– There is no option but to teach the kids to pick up after themselves and bring their plates from the dinnertable to the kitchen;

– Water bills are substantially reduced as sink plugs re-discover their function and dusty, desert driveways are not on the cleaning ‘To Do’ list;

– Increasingly self aware DS1 and DS2 can run around in their boxers;

– Hubby can walk around shirtless!

– The maid’s room becomes a tardis for everything and anything that has no home of its own;

– Hubby and I can now argue the traditional way… the top of our voices!

– My gardener now feels sorry for me and hoses down my car when he stops by to tend to my garden – two jobs for the price of one!

– DH is more likely to be able to find something if it remains where he offloaded it when he walked in the door, thus making my policy of ‘everything has its place’ redundant which in turn reduces my household workload;

– I no longer have to tend to my bed head and sleep deprived look before going downstairs in my own home!

Every cloud……

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