Back to School Fun

Last night, I spent the best part of an hour wrestling with DD’s new science book and clear sticky back covering.  Generally a procrastinator by nature, I surprised myself when I whipped out my roll of sticky back covering to start measuring the amount I would need.  In the interests of full disclosure, DD did pass on her science teacher’s warning ‘you will be responsible for the replacement of the book should you bend the pages’.  Having witnessed DD stuffing her books into her school backpack, I was not convinced the science book pages could survive unscathed.  So, I got to work.

And work it was.

Attempt 1 – Usually when covering school books, my biggest concern is air bubbles.  My experience tells me, the larger the book, the greater the chance of unsightly air bubbles, which in turn makes for an eye-rolling-to-heaven DD (and goodness knows no one wants that!).  The science book was not small.  My first attempt saw me unwittingly make the rookie error of ensuring the front cover was not completely flat on the sticky side of the wrapping.  Result – a crumpled cover by the binding….

DD raised her hands to her head and shrieked in panic.  ‘Muuuummmmmyyyyyy – what are you doing?????’

An educated guess told me that DD’s reaction meant my initial attempt was not acceptable; that I was going to have to peel off the sticky covering whilst praying it came off cleanly, and without skimming patches off the top layer.

Easier said than done.

Not possessing octopus like limbs I was forced to recruit DD’s assistance within seconds of embarking on mission ‘undo covering’.  This sticky stuff is super sticky: once it sticks to you, it is almost impossible to extract yourself.  Indeed, like quicksand, the more you struggle against it, the more you get sucked into its sticky, preying claws.  Attempts to free one fingertip requires you to use another fingertip or two or three…..Before I knew it I was swearing at an inanimate piece of plastic, and reminiscing about the good ole’ days when we covered school books in brown paper or used gift wrap.  Granted, paper did not offer the same indestructible protection….but still…

Rough, gluey remnants remained on the inside cover.  Turning the book over to remove the back cover saw the first paper page attach itself to these sticky bits.  YIKES! Can I safely coax flimsy paper away from the clutches of this gummy enemy???

Attempt 2 – who knew pre cut sticky covering can rip so easily??

Attempt 3 – I am sure my frustration filtered to my fingers causing the covering to stick to itself, causing ugly creases and more damage to the book than DD’s backpack could ever inflict.

Attempt 4 – See Attempt.

At this point DD had surrendered in the face of such extreme adversity.   In my head I was seriously considering handing over an envelope of cash (that would be kept secret from DH) to cover the cost of the science book.

Deflated and defeated, I gave in.  YouTube instruction here I come!





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