Netball on a COVID-19 court

For weeks DD has been itching to get back on the netball court.  Her first love is netball.  To have that taken away hit hard.  After months of lockdown and continued, accepted precautionary measures, I could not tell what she was more excited about: playing a netball game without having to don surgical gloves and a mask; or seeing a handful of her girlfriends.  Judging by the wisps of hair plastered to her sweaty forehead after her first ‘live’ session on court, combined with the chitter chatter and giggles of a gaggle of girls getting back to what they love – I think the answer is ‘both’.

Standing on the socially distanced sidelines we mums, donning the compulsory face mask, revelled in seeing our girls do what they love (not to mention the ‘catch up’ we managed to squeeze in!).

It felt soooooo good to be back to some form of ‘normal’.  Lovely to see them play that beautiful game again.  The girls were happy.  The energy was high.  Best of all for the umpires and the players…..the interfering, opinionated (and am sure annoying) parents were too far away to be heard.

With no parents involved it was left to the girls to organise themselves, their rotations and positions; they got on with it and end result was happy, sweaty, ‘OMG it’s sooooo hot’ time on the court.  Thank you Active Netball!


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