There are tears of joy and tears of sadness. There are tears of frustration and those that flow when I manage to construct a piece of IKEA furniture without regard to the so called simpleton instructions……but today’s tears were different; these were milestone tears.

16 year old DS1 confided in me that he has a girlfriend. There is talk of ‘Prom’ and all that comes with that….tux fittings, shoes, corsages and looking smart.

How did my bubbly, blond curly locked blue eyed boy get to this stage???

I just blinked….and here I am…..mummy in law to potential girlfriends, many of whom, I imagine, will come and go. But, it’s a first for him and a first for me.

At that moment in time, I held it together and forbade my ‘inside’ crumbling to seep to my exterior.

He’s growing up. He’s becoming his own ‘man’. He can make his own decisions.

But, I will still be there to catch him if he falls.

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