the exuberance of youth. it’s infectious. it’s bittersweet.

two days ago, i watched dd and ds1 graduate from y11 even though they have not yet finished their gcse exams. many parents, like me and dh, questioned what we were celebrating. they are mid way through their middle educational exams and moving on to the next chapter in their educational journey. yet it was celebrated as if they had all received top honours from ivy league unis.

from formal mocks last november i knew what to expect in terms of grades in the event the exams didn’t go ahead due to covid. it feels like they are on track in the real life exams.

the uk half term hits the dubai students half way through their exams. it’s a welcome break in what is a stressful period; gives the students time to breathe and, of course, time to let their hair down and celebrate themselves at prom.

but first – y11 graduation. we all gathered in the auditorium; kids, family, teachers for what turned out to be one helluva emotional rollercoaster.

this was the first time i and dh had set foot in the building for almost 2.5 years. that in itself was emotional. but i did not expect what was coming.

every form tutor who spoke about their students spoke from the bottom of their heart. the year leader who has watched over them for 5 years was brought to tears in saying her farewells. there was not a dry eye in the house/

too many tears. but they were tears of emotional mum and dad watching you draw the line under another milestone and move onto the next…….and possibly further away from us.

and yet, when you exited the auditorium, my heart burst with joy watching you both with your classmates and your friends. you have formed amazing and forever-friendships. in this part of your life journey you have each found your tribe. count yourselves lucky and nurture it.

bittersweet. more sweet than bitter. just blessed to see you both so exuberant, carefree and looking forward to taking on the world – on your terms.

ps….clearly my shift key is not working……

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