The age of innocence

Today signalled the last day of the junior educational cycle for my twin babies. Well, DS1 finished up last week but DD1 signed off with triple physics this morning. That’s a wrap for GCSEs.

How many times I have asked out loud to no one in particular ‘how did this happen?’ are uncountable. They were babies last week and now at 16 they have just completed their first set of ‘real’ exams. They worked hard, put their heads down and got on with it like mature teens. DH and I could not be more proud.

They have already celebrated their Prom; had fun with their mates and stayed out late.

But now is time for the expat farewells. The bitter sweet part of ex pat life. The kids are used to saying ‘adieu’ to one or two friends every year but at a milestone year when it makes sense to move from an education point of view, so many more make that leap.

I don’t even want to think about how many of their friends are leaving to go to their home countries or to boarding to complete their education. It breaks my heart.

But what breaks my heart even more is to know that DS1 will be saying goodbye to his first girlfriend who is leaving the country. He is truly smitten and, every second, is thinking about the next time he can see and be with her. I do not share photos online but there is one at Prom which captures his glow of pure joy. Even though he looks like a member of a boy band that has been on the road for 6 months and not showered in 3……he is the epitome of teen satisfaction. Not quite sure how to wear a wing collared shirt but proud to showcase the necklace his crush gifted him.

Comfortable in his own skin. Everything seems possible. Everything is light. Everything is bright. It is beautiful to see.

Long may it continue.

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1 Response to The age of innocence

  1. Hana Masri says:

    Lovely ❤️ See you in September?

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