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When your kids become your teacher

As a parent in Dubai, I spend a lot of time in my car driving my kids back and forth. It’s exhausting but so rewarding. Some of my most precious moments are car pool chats………………… Continue reading

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The new label in town

Almost 14 years ago, when I first arrived in Dubai, I recall references being made to ‘Jumeira Jane’. In my greenness, I thought this was the name of a local brand of something: perhaps clothes, shoes, beachwear….which originated by the … Continue reading

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Gosh…..not sure as a mum of 3 teens

People warn of world ending behaviour. I get scared. I get worried. How will I cope??? What do I tell my kids? Social media is ‘evil’, I am told (and what I secretly believe what ‘they’ say). COVID-19 has dug … Continue reading

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Netball on a COVID-19 court

For weeks DD has been itching to get back on the netball court.  Her first love is netball.  To have that taken away hit hard.  After months of lockdown and continued, accepted precautionary measures, I could not tell what she … Continue reading

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Football on a COVID-19 pitch

This evening I dropped DS1 and DS2 to football practice.  COVID-19 protocol regarding sports here is ‘drop and go’.  Temperature check once they reach the sports fields, masks on, sanitised footballs, gelled hands and social distancing. As I was just … Continue reading

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Liquorice and Music

I can’t sleep.  That’s nothing unusual. Nothing different to most other nights.  I am of that certain age which has to expect sleepless nights when most others are deep in candy floss dreams; uneasy, uncomfortable and feeling a light sweat….. … Continue reading

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Mischief Maker

I have always known that DS1 is a rascal.  For a baby who entered the world silently crying, he has definitely found his way to be noticed! If there was a ponytail to be pulled in nursery, DS1 was more … Continue reading

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Summertime and the Livin’ ain’t Easy

The rising mercury signals two of the things I dread the most about expat life in Dubai.  Firstly, the insane summer temperatures accompanied by the feeling that each time you open a car door, it feels like you are opening … Continue reading

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Home – Home/Same – Same

Last month I took my daughter and my youngest son to Ireland.  Since moving to Dubai over ten years ago, it was their first ever trip back in spring.  One day, when walking through my parents’ garden, I caught myself … Continue reading

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Cars in the desert

Driving is, unfortunately, one aspect of Dubai life that is nigh on impossible to avoid.  Indeed some days it feels like that’s all I do – early morning drop off for sports training, regular drop off, errands across the Emirate, … Continue reading

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