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Birthday Parties

DS2 had his first ‘big’ birthday party over the weekend.  He has just started Big School and we promised he could invite everyone in his new class.  He was so excited.  A party at a private venue with him as … Continue reading

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Car Chats

Driving back home from school DS1 announced he had learned ‘science’ at school.  Confused, as I was pretty sure  ‘science’ was not part of his curriculum, I asked what he had learned. ‘Well, Mummy, if you put cheerios in a … Continue reading

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First Day at Big School

At 5am, I woke with a jolt; feeling like I was late for an exam or an important appointment.  But what appointment?  My mind was so sleepy blur, I couldn’t quite recall what was so important…..Just as I rolled over … Continue reading

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