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A taxi chat in KL

Last week as we took a taxi to tour some of KL’s sights, the taxi driver started chatting to my boys, one of whom was dressed in his Liverpool football kit, and the other who was dressed in his Chelsea … Continue reading

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You Say Tomato, I Say Tow-mate-o

When we arrived home from school today, DS1 made a beeline for the fridge.  All I could see was a little derriere covered in blue Chelsea football shorts sticking out from behind the thick silver door, wiggling back and forth.  … Continue reading

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The Cat Amongst the Pigeons

DS2 has created divisions in the household.  He is only 5 years old, but he is like a union leader…..refusing to follow/listen/acknowldege what his more experienced elders (i.e., DH and Grandad)  have known for a very, very, very longtime – … Continue reading

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‘For my next birthday, can I have a ‘Tottendam’ Spurs football kit?’ asked football crazy DS2. I giggle and look to DH who raises his eyes to heaven to reply, ‘DS2, you can’t have every kit of every team you … Continue reading

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