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The Land of Sun, Sand, Change and Goodbyes

The ‘Sandpit’ as expats affectionately refer to Dubai truly is a place that bristles with a permanent sense of ambition and excitement. Indeed in Dubai the rate of change is something on which the Emirate appears to thrive (especially where … Continue reading


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s day is one of the days when I miss home the most.  I love nothing more than celebrating Paddy’s day no matter where I am.  I revel in passing on the Irish traditions to my kids (even though … Continue reading

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First world problems

Yesterday on the radio, people were being interviewed about their ‘happiness’ levels in the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’).  One lady thought ‘traffic’ was the biggest inhibitor to her complete happiness in the UAE.  This made me giggle.  Traffic here is … Continue reading

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