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Dinner Menu Boredom

A hungry DH arrived through the door tonight, salivating, thinking about a scrumptious, hearty meal that he hoped awaited him. All I can say is, he was probably smelling the aroma of next door’s cooking on his way up the … Continue reading

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Birthday Parties

DS2 had his first ‘big’ birthday party over the weekend.  He has just started Big School and we promised he could invite everyone in his new class.  He was so excited.  A party at a private venue with him as … Continue reading

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10 Things I Thought I’d Never Say as a Parent….

and these include things I swore I would never say as they were babies…. 1. Because I said so…..(in response to their eternally repeated sentences which always seem to start with ‘why?’) 2. If only I had known what it … Continue reading

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